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Love is your True Nature

Love knows no boundaries ,no fences, no chains. Love is like that feather which only knows to blow with every moment of the wind. Love is that delicate emotion within us which is hard to express and a blunder to suppress. Love is the super power. Earth is keeping us glued to herself with Love called Gravity, Sky loves us by showing different hues of dark, white , pink, red and yellow. Rain showers on us and gives a feeling of Purity. We dance , we sing, we make merry because the Creation loves us and gives us a glimpse of Belongingness when someone smiles at you, someone helps you in an aisle of a certain store, when someone gives you a Rose without a reason or when someone looks at you and admires your laughter, your beauty or a soft and a gentle gesture. Love is in us and around us, You can't escape Love since its your very Nature, so lets sink in Love, deep down from head-to-toe. Lets be in Love and a Love being.

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